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Your Councillors by Political Grouping

Local Councillors are elected by the community to decide how the Council should carry out its various activities. They represent public interest as well as individuals living within the ward in which he or she has been elected to serve a term of office.

Councillors are not paid a salary for their work, but they do receive allowances. By law, all members of the Council are required to complete a declaration of interest form, the details of which are published annually.

Member Dispensation 2022-2026 has been granted to all Members who may have a disclosable pecuniary interest in any business of the authority where that business relates to the functions of the authority in respect of:
i. Housing, where you are a tenant of your authority provided that those functions do not relate particularly to your tenancy or lease; ii. An allowance, payment or indemnity given to Members; iii. Any ceremonial honour given to Members; and iv. Setting council tax or a precept under the Local Government Finance Act 1992.

To find your Councillor please use the below links:

 Brentwood Joint Administration Group


Additional Information:
Members' Expenses and Allowances
Complaints against Councillors
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