Democracy - Agenda and minutes

Agenda and minutes

Venue: Brentwood County High School, Shenfield Common, Seven Arches Road, Brentwood CM14 4JF

Contact: Jean Sharp (01277 312655) 


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Apologies for Absence

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Apologies were received from Cllrs Mrs Davies, Hossack, Poppy, Mrs Middlehurst, Ms Sanders and Tumbridge.


Declaration of Interest from Members and Officers

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No declarations of interest were made at this stage.


Local Development Plan (LDP) Update pdf icon PDF 89 KB

The Leader of the Council, Cllr Mrs McKinlay will give a presentation.

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Cllr Mrs McKinlay presented an update on the Local Development Plan and the Mayor invited the leaders of the opposition groups, Cllrs Aspinell and Barrett,  to respond.


Cllr Russell MOVED and Cllr Mrs Murphy SECONDED and it was




that the presentation be noted.


Local Development Plan (LDP) - Resources pdf icon PDF 68 KB

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In accordance with the Council’s Constitution Part 4.1, Clause 1.3, Cllrs Aspinell, Chilvers, Clarke, Mrs Davies, Mrs Fulcher and Kendall requested the Council hold an Extraordinary Council Meeting to consider the following Motion:


This Council resolves to allocate to the Council’s Local Development Plan officers any and all required additional resources to the team to enable them to complete the consultation and evidence gathering exercises necessary in order to recommend to Council a Local Development Plan for submission to the Government by the revised timetable the DCLG have demanded.


Members had received a briefing note giving details of the current status of the Local Development Plan report.


Cllr Aspinell MOVED and Cllr Mynott SECONDED the proposed Motion.


Following a lengthy discussion Cllr Faragher MOVED and Cllr Parker SECONDED that in accordance with Rule 8.1. of the  Council’s Procedure Rules ‘that the question be now put’.


A vote was taken on a show of hands and it was RESOLVED accordingly.


Returning to the substantive motion, in accordance with Rule 9.5 of the Council’s Procedure Rules, a recorded vote was requested and Members voted as follows:


FOR:  Cllrs Aspinell, Chilvers, Clarke, Mrs Hubbard, Keeble, Kendall, Mynott and Newberry (8)


AGAINST: Cllrs Barrell, Bridge, Cloke, Mrs Coe, Faragher, Hirst, Mrs Hones, Kerslake, McCheyne, Mrs McKinlay, Mrs Murphy, Parker, Mrs Pound, Reed, Mrs Rowlands, Mrs Slade, Trump and Wiles (18)


ABSTAIN:  Cllrs Barrett, Morrissey and Russell (3)


Cllr Mrs Fulcher arrived after the debate had begun and therefore did not vote.





Urgent Business

To consider any matter which, by reason of special circumstances to be specified in the minutes of the meeting, the Mayor considers should be considered at the meeting as a matter of urgency.

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There were no items of urgent business.







The meeting ended at 8.30pm