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Agenda and draft minutes

Venue: Council Chamber, Town Hall, Ingrave Road, Brentwood, Essex CM15 8AY

Contact: Zoey Foakes (01277 312733) 

No. Item

Live broadcast


Apologies for Absence


There were no apologies received. 


Declarations of Interest


There were no declarations of interest at this stage.


The Monitoring officer informed members:

“Members, I have had a number of enquiries about declarations of interests in respect of the Business Improvement District Ballot item on this evening’s agenda. If any councillor owns a business premises within the BID area that would be liable for the BID levy  – in short if you have received a ballot paper for the BID ballot – you will need to declare a pecuniary interest and leave the room for this item.


For all other members, you will have no greater interest in this item than any other resident of the Brentwood borough and therefore you are free to debate and vote on this item.”



Mayors Announcements


“It has been just over one month since I was formally elected as Mayor for 2023/24 and I have already undertaken 10 engagements.  I would like to thank the Deputy Mayor for also attending a number of engagements on my behalf also during this time.  I should also mention that it is the Mayor’s Escort, my mother June’s, birthday today.


Some of the engagements I have attended included taking part in the Brentwood Art Trail attending the guided tour in Brentwood where I had the pleasure of meeting some of the artists including Ukrainian artist Mykhaylo Rymik.  I also visited Sawyers Church showcase event where they showcased all the different ministries, activities and outreaches they do as a Church.


I was pleased to help out for the “Can in a Van” initiative to collect food and supplies for the Daily Bread and the Food Bank.  It was really great to see so many people helping where they could. 


Earlier this week, I was joined by representatives from Brentwood CCF, Shenfield CCF, 124 Essex Transport Squadron and the Royal British Legion to raise the flag ahead of Armed Forces Day remembering and honouring all those who have and do serve for our Country. 


I look forward to many more engagements around the Borough in the coming months and also start plans for events to raise money for my chosen charities.” 



Minutes of the previous meeting pdf icon PDF 210 KB


Cllr N Cuthbert stated that she was in attendance for this meeting where the minutes states she was not in attendance.  Subject to this amendment, the Ordinary Council meeting held on 15th March 2023 were APPROVED as a true record. The minutes contain a summary of the meeting, to view the full meeting, please visit Ordinary Council - YouTube


Minutes of Annual Council 17.05.2023 pdf icon PDF 586 KB

To follow


The Annual Council meeting held on 17th May 2023 were APPROVED as a true record. The minutes contain a summary of the meeting, to view the full meeting, please visit Annual Council - YouTube




Public Questions pdf icon PDF 89 KB


In accordance with the Council’s Constitution, a member of the public resident within the Borough may ask a maximum of two questions relating to the business of the Council providing notice has been received by 10.00am two working days before the relevant meeting.


Mrs Jan Gearon-Simm has submitted two questions:


1.    There is horrifying evidence that damage is being done to the sea, to wildlife and to us by discarded plastic, which is made from fossil fuels.

Billions of plastic bottles, for example, are thrown into landfill.


The Drinking Fountain Association is trying to track down now-derelict drinking fountains, which were provided by councils from the 1860s onward in public places.


Will Brentwood Council follow this example and alert Brentwood residents against plastic bottles by re-opening any derelict fountains and by providing other clean water public outlets?


Cllr Aspinell responded as follows:


“it's the aim of this Council to rectify the faults of previous, I don't mean the immediate, I mean previous councils and the practices that have been carried out within those boundaries.  This is one of the reasons we have set up a Clean and Green Committee to look at all aspects of Brentwood's activities to see if we cannot improve on a terrible situation that we currently are experiencing in this country.  We will do our best and our little bit to the betterment of our country as a whole. 


On the drinking fountains issue itself I think there may be some health

and hygiene issues surrounding that but I totally agree with you there should be some public access to clean drinking water and that is one of the things that we will be considering and investigating you have my word.”




2.    At the ordinary Council meeting on 5th July 2011, the then Conservative Leader, Cllr Louise McKinlay was against the recommendation for retaining the Town Hal building but thankfully, the town hall building was saved because of agreement between council members from difference parties, 11 of whom were Conservatives.

The town hall building symbolises the importance of Brentwood residents being served by democratically elected councillors from a variety of political persuasions.

I would like the Leader of the Council and the Leader of the Opposition to both respond to my Residents Question, which is:

Will all Brentwood Councillors be willing to work in collaboration in order to achieve solutions to Brentwood problems? The watchwords are collaboration, cooperation and compromise. 


Cllr Aspinell responded as follows:


“I remember a decision very well I was indeed in this Chamber and I pay tribute to a very brave Councillor at that time.  A member of the Conservative group who could not believe his own party was going to not only get rid of this Town Hall as an administrative hub but I think demolish it at that time.  I think the person who put forward the proposal to demolish it was the last Council Leader here, it may not have been tabled and it probably isn't recorded anywhere  ...  view the full minutes text for item 41.


Memorials or Petitions


No memorials or petitions were received.


Written Questions


The period allowed for written and oral questions is 60 minutes.


Oral questions would be taken after the written questions responses, time allowing.  A member can ask one question to each of the Chairs.


8 Written Questions had been received and responded and were  tabled in front of Members.  Members were able to ask one supplementary question if they wish.


Two written questions have been received from Cllr Garry White:


Question 1


Question for Chair of Audit and Scrutiny Committee

Will the Chair of Audit and Scrutiny publish a list of the Authority’s Statutory Obligations (primary and secondary legislation) confirming for each one which Committee under the Administration’s new structure is responsible for the appropriate oversight, performance or compliance monitoring and what second-line assurance mechanisms are in place to oversee this; can these be reported on at the next, or the subsequent, Audit and Scrutiny Committee meeting?


It is good practice for the Council to ensure that the Authority’s Statutory Obligations are compliant. A report and an assurance matrix will be presented at a future Audit & Scrutiny Committee and then reported on a yearly basis.


Question 2

Question for Chair of Housing, Health and Community

Is the new Brentwood Joint Administration committed to the delivery of the agreed council homes programmes as per the February SHDP update:


  • Brookfield Close & Courage Court (62 Homes),
  • Harewood Regeneration (c.40 homes),
  • Willingale Close (3 Homes),
  • Ingleton House,
  • Highwood Close,
  • Sir Francis Way (4 homes),
  • Four Oaks;


What are the current estimates for dates for completion / occupation of each of the above schemes, and what are the current number of homes expected to be delivered at each location (please include any other locations with anticipated housing development in the confirmed list)?


The current SHDP programme is a set out in the table attached this report (Pipeline June 2023) this contains current estimated completion dates; delivery of units is planned throughout the construction process at each scheme, once contracts are let more detailed end stop dates are inserted and reported to members.  Please note the pipeline table is update quarterly by the SHDP Team and  contracts being let subject to procurement and market conditions.

Two written questions have been received from Cllr Mellissa Slade:

Question 3

Question for Chair of Housing, Health and Community

How many current cases are there of Damp and Mound in Council properties that are noted as requiring works or interventions to resolve; how many cases are outstanding the review of a complaint, or an initial, or a follow-up visit to review historic cases, by the housing technical team to identify whether such work may be required? 


As of 19th June 2023 there are nine cases that have been inspected and are waiting for remedial works to be carried out.  A further 22 cases have had initial works completed and are being actively monitored by the Council’s Asset Management Team.  There are no cases wating for assessment.  All ongoing cases are monitored on a weekly basis by  ...  view the full minutes text for item 43.


Outside Organisations pdf icon PDF 121 KB

Appendix A to follow.

Additional documents:


Following a change to the Council’s Constitution on 25 January 2017. Councillors are now appointed to a number of outside organisations by Ordinary Council. Many of the outside organisations support and advance the broad objectives of the Authority. Representations come about either through the Authority initiating the appointment, or an organisation requesting a representative being nominated or a Charity Commission rule that a Council representative is appointed.


Following consideration of the list of nominations and to ensure effective use of Councillors resource and support for outside organisations it is considered appropriate to categorise the list in the following:

• Statutory Representatives

 • Trustee

• Council has interest whether financially or otherwise

• Others – point of contact


Where a Councillor is required to be a point of contact it is considered appropriate for the outside organisation and the Councillor to make contact and discuss the best approach.


The list of nominations for representatives/point of contact on outside organisations is presented at the Ordinary Council meeting each year for Members’ approval.


An amended appendix for appointments have been appended to the minutes. 


Cllr Aspinell MOVED and Cllr Laplain SECONDED the recommendations in the report.


Cllr Bridge MOVED an AMENDMENT and was SECONDED by Cllr Russell that the vacant representative for the Howard Memorial be filled by Cllr Fiona Marsh.  This was ACCEPTED by the mover, Cllr Aspinell.   


Cllr Aspinell expressed his disappointment that the Chair of the Local Highways Panel, County Cllr Wagland did not want to appoint any Brentwood representatives to be part of the panel and meetings relocated from Brentwood to County Hall.  Cllr Aspinell urged Cllr Wagland to reconsider to include Brentwood representatives to form part of the Local Highways Panel. 


Cllr Wagland responded that all would be clear as the Local Highway Panel under its new regime continues but in particular the suggestions as to my status and the like are completely untrue. 


A vote was taken and it was RESOLVED UNANIMOUSLY:


That the list of outside bodies and nominated representatives/point of contact for 2023/2024 shown in Appendix A be approved.


Reasons for recommendations. 

In line with the Council’s constitution.


Brentwood Connected Business Improvement District (BID) Ballot pdf icon PDF 105 KB

Additional documents:


On 17 May, the Brentwood Business Partnership (BBP) submitted a request to the council in accordance with Business Improvement District (England) Regulations 2004, to hold a ballot within Brentwood, Shenfield and Ingatestone to establish a Business Improvement District (BID) across the three centres. This report provides background information on BIDS, the priorities set out in the Brentwood Connected BID Business Plan and the role of local authorities in delivering BIDs. The report seeks approval to support the BID in relation to council properties in the area.


(Cllr Hirst declared an interest and left the Chamber). 

(Cllr White declared a non-pecuniary interest that he works for Network Rail who own infrastructure within the BID boundary). 


Cllr Kendall thanked the Economic Development team (officers Laurie Edmonds and Nishat Amin), and Shenfield traders Kaye Thurgood and Nish Patel for their work promoting the proposed BID as part of the Brentwood Business Partnership.


Cllr Aspinell MOVED and Cllr Kendall SECONDED the recommendations in the report. A vote was taken and it was RESOLVED UNANIMOUSLY:


R1. Agree to vote in favour (i.e. Yes) in the Brentwood Connected BID Ballot in respect of the council properties within the BID area.


R2. Authorise the Director of Assets to cast the council’s votes in the Brentwood Connected BID Ballot in accordance with the decision taken in R1.


R3. Note that the council will be subject to payment of the levy on its properties within the BID area.


R4. Confirm that the BID Proposal does not conflict with any council policy or disproportionately burden any business or class of businesses.




Climate emergency pdf icon PDF 102 KB

Report to follow


To consider and approve the proposed declaration of a ‘Climate Emergency’ by the Council and agree the next steps in developing the Council’s response to Climate Change.


Cllr Aspinell MOVED and Cllr Dr Barrett SECONDED the recommendations in the report.


Cllr Hirst MOVED an AMENDMENT and SECONDED by Cllr White as followed: . 


R1.  To recognise the global climate emergency acknowledging that the Council needs to urgently act to include proper consideration of the causes and impacts of climate change in all its works.


The amendment was not accepted by the mover, Cllr Aspinell or seconder Cllr Dr Barrett. 


After a full discussion  the amendment, a vote was taken and the amendment was LOST.  


Councillors discussed the substantive recommendations.  A  recorded vote was requested by Councillors: Laplain, Dr Barrett, Kendall, M Cuthbert and Naylor.  The recorded bote was as followed:   


FOR:  Cllrs Barrett, Haigh, Aspinell, Dr Barrett, M Cuthbert, N Cuthbert, Davies, Francois, Fulcher, Gorton, Kendall, Laplain, Lewis, Mayo, Munden, Murphy, Mynott, Naylor, Pound, Rigby, Sankey, Slade, Wagland, White, Wiles, Worsfold (26)




ABSTAIN:  Cllrs Barber, Bridge, Gelderbloem, Heard, Hirst, Marsh, McCheyne, Parker, Poppy, Reed, Russell (11)


The substantive recommendations were RESOLVED. 


For the recommendations:


R1. To Declare a ‘Climate Emergency’ acknowledging that the Council needs to urgently act on the causes and impacts of climate change;


R2. To confirm the Council’s commitment to achieving net-zero carbon status by 2030 for its own estate, and by 2050 for the Brentwood Borough area, and pursue efforts to achieve net-zero CO2 emissions even earlier;


R3. To establish a Climate Emergency Sub-Committee of the Clean & Green Committee;


R4. That the Council lobby for further funding and policy changes at a national level to support the delivery of the Environment Strategy.


Notice of Motion pdf icon PDF 121 KB


Any one or more Members of the Council may, by notice received by the Monitoring Officer no later than 10.00 am eleven working days before the day of the Council meeting, require the Council to consider a motion about a matter relating to which the Council has powers or duties or which affects the Council’s area. A notice of motion may be accompanied by a statement of not more than 200 words setting out the reason for the proposed motion. 


The Monitoring Officer shall include all notices of motion and accompanying statements in the agenda for the next relevant meeting of Council in the order received.


Three Notices of Motion has been submitted in accordance with Rule 3 in Part 4.1 of the Constitution - Council Procedure Rules and are listed in order of the date received.


Motion 1 – Received 2nd June 2023 @ 13:52

Mover: Cllr White   Seconder: Cllr Bridge


The Council notes:

• ‘Chairs Reports and Questions’ at Ordinary Council should provide democratic accountability of its leadership.

• Recently, Leaders have chaired PRED committees, allowing a very broad range of questions to be put to them. This may not be the case when a Leader chairs a Policy Committee with a more focused remit, or none at all.

• This motion therefore calls for immediate amendment to Procedural Rule 7.2 that limits the scope of questions to (and omits specific inclusion of) the Council Leader.


This council resolves to:

1. Require the council’s leader to be fully involvement in chairs questions sessions across all areas of Council activity to promote public trust, encourage robust discussions, and enable greater scrutiny of actions and policies;

2. Introduce with immediate effect changes to fully include the Council Leader in Ordinary Council’s ‘Chairs Report and Questions’ session (to be renamed Leaders and Chairs’ Report and Questions) to cover “all areas of Council responsibility within the council’s area”;

3. Request the monitoring officer, in liaison with the Constitution Working Group, to bring forward to the next Ordinary Council the necessary changes Procedural Rule 7 (Chair Report and Questions) to give effect to this change.


Cllr Mynott MOVED an AMENDMENT to move this motion under 8.3.7 (a) (i) of constitution to refer this matter to the Constitutional Working Group and SECONDED by Cllr Dr Barrett. 


The amendment was not accepted by the original mover Cllr White


A recorded vote was requested by Councillors; White, Russell, Poppy, Barber and Hirst.  A recorded vote was taken as follows:


FOR:  Cllrs Barrett, Haigh, Aspinell, Dr Barrett, M Cuthbert, N Cuthbert, Davies, Fulcher, Gorton, Kendall, Laplain, Lewis, Mayo, Munden, Mynott, Naylor, Rigby, Sankey, Worsfold (19)


AGAINST: Cllrs Barber, Bridge, Francois, Gelderbloem, Heard, Hirst, Marsh, McCheyne, Murphy, Parker, Poppy, Pound, Reed, Russell, Slade, Wagland, White, Wiles, (18)




The AMENDED motion was CARRIED.and should be noted that the report on this referral to the CWG will be brought back to the next meeting of Council.



Motion 2 – Received on 2nd  ...  view the full minutes text for item 47.


Urgent Business

An item of business may only be considered where the Chair is of the opinion that, by reason of special circumstances, which shall be specified in the Minutes, the item should be considered as a matter of urgency.



There were no items of urgent business.


The meeting concluded at 22:30