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Committee details

Planning Committee

Purpose of committee



(a) Town and Country Planning Act 1990 and any related legislation including: -

(i) determination of planning applications;

(ii) enforcement of planning control;

(iii) waste land notices, purchase notices, etc.


(b) Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas Act 1990

(i) determination of applications for Listed Buildings and Conservation Area consent;

(ii) enforcement of Listed Building and Conservation Area legislation.


(c) To consider and determine the Council's comments where appropriate on major development outside the Borough when consulted by other Local Planning  Authorities.

(i)To guide the Council in setting its policy objectives and priorities.

(ii) To carry out the duties and powers of the Council under current legislation;

(iii) To develop, implement and monitor the relevant strategies and polices relating to the Terms of Reference of the committee.

(iv) To secure satisfactory standards of service provision and improvement, including monitoring of contracts, Service Level Agreements and partnership arrangements;

(v) To consider and approve relevant service plans;

(vi) To comply with the standing orders and financial regulations of the Council;

(vii) To operate within the budget allocated to the committee by the Council.

(vii) To determine fees and charges relevant to the committee;


To review and monitor the operational impact of policies and to recommend proposals for new initiatives and policy developments including new legislation or central government guidance


(d) Powers and duties of the local planning authority in relation to the planning of sustainable development; local development schemes; local development plan and  monitoring reports and neighbourhood planning.


Contact information

Support officer: Zoe Borman (01277 312 736).

Postal address:
Town Hall
Ingrave Road
CM15 8AY

Phone: 01277 312 736