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Clean & Green Committee

This page lists the meetings for Clean & Green Committee.


Information about Clean & Green Committee

Green and Clean Committee


The functions within the remit of the Green and Clean Committee are set out below:


1.            Waste management, refuse collection and recycling


2.            Environmental improvement schemes


3.            The quality of the public realm, including street services and grounds maintenance


4.            Highway matters that are the responsibility of the Borough Council (including highway closures under the Town Police Clauses Act 1847) and drainage


5.            Public conveniences


6.            Cemeteries and closed churchyards


7.            Environmental Health


8.            Environmental nuisance and pollution controls


9.            Other miscellaneous powers enforced by Environmental Health


10.         Unlawful incursions


11.          Operational facilities management (including maintenance) of the Town Hall and the Depot


12.         Oversee and monitor the enforcement activities of the Council


13.         Community Safety (including Community Safety Partnership) and CCTV


14.         To implement working parties as required