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Committee details

Licensing Sub-Committee

Purpose of committee

Licensing Sub-Committees


To hear and determine applications that do not sit within the scope of delegation to officers, usually where representations have been received either by a third party against grant of a license, or from the applicant against intended refusal or revocation of a license/registration.


The Planning and Licensing Committee has delegated all functions other than relevant policies and fees setting to officers, with the exception of those other matters as indicated below, which are heard by licensing sub-committee unless otherwise indicated:


Licensing Act 2003 and Gambling Act 2005

(a)        Determination of any application type where a representation has been received in accordance with the legislation.

(b)        Determination of applications for review or expedited review.


Hackney Carriage vehicles and drivers (including enforcement of ranks) and Private Hire vehicles, drivers and operators, with the exception of:

Suspension or revocation of drivers’ licenses (save for initial suspension under provision of Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1976 S61 (2B) if it appears that the interests of public safety require the suspension to have immediate effect).

(a)          Where representation has been submitted by the applicant/license holder against refusal of any application.

(b)          Where representation has been received from an applicant to vary a licensing or pre-licensing condition.


Scrap Metal Dealing

(a)          Determination of applications where representations have been received against refusal in accordance with legislative requirements; and

(b)          Consideration of revocation of a license where representations have been received in accordance with legislative requirements


Street Collections and House to House Collections

(a)          Appeals against refusal to grant or renew a license.


Licensing of sex establishments

(a)          Determination of all applications, revocations and appeals.


Street Trading

(a)          Determination of applications where representation(s) has been received.

(b)          Determination of applications that fall outside of current policy.

(c)          Determination of matters relating to revocation of a license.


Acupuncture, Tattooing, Skin and Ear Piercing and Electrolysis

(a)          Appeals against refusal to grant or renew a registration.

(b)          Revocation of a registration.


Animal Welfare and Security, except for the following:

(a)          Appeals against refusal to grant or renew a license.

(b)          Revocation of a license.


Exercise of Powers under Caravan Sites and Control of Development Act 1960, except for:

(a)          Refusal and revocation of licenses, (other than urgent refusals which are delegated to officers)


Mobile Homes

(a)          Appeals against revocation of a license and/or conditions attached to the grant of a license.



Contact information

Support officer: Zoe Borman (01277 312 736).

Postal address:
Town Hall
Ingrave Road
CM15 8AY

Phone: 01277 312 736