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Committee details

Audit and Scrutiny Committee

Purpose of committee

Audit and Scrutiny Committee


The Audit and Scrutiny Committee provides advice to the Council and the committees on the effectiveness of the arrangements for the proper administration of the Council’s financial affairs, including all relevant strategies and plans.


It also acts as the Council’s Overview and Scrutiny Committee with all the powers under Part 3 of the Local Authorities (Committee System) (England) Regulations 2012, and discharges the functions under section 19 of the Police and Justice Act 2006 (local authority scrutiny of crime and disorder matters).


Without prejudice to the generality of the above, the terms of reference include those matters set out below.


 Audit Activity


(a)      To approve the Annual Internal Audit risk based plan of work.


(b)      To consider the Head of Internal Audit’s annual report and opinion, and a summary of Internal Audit activity and the level of assurance it can give over the Council’s corporate governance, risk management and internal control arrangements.


(c)       To consider regular progress reports from Internal Audit on agreed recommendations not implemented within a reasonable timescale.


(d)      To consider the External Auditor’s annual letter, relevant reports, and the report to those charged with governance.


(e)      To comment on the scope and depth of external audit work and to ensure it gives value for money.


(f)        To consider the arrangements for the appointment of the Council’s Internal and External Auditors.


Regulatory Framework


1)    To review any issue referred to it by a Statutory Officer of the Council or any Council body.


2)    To monitor the effective development and operation of risk management and corporate governance in the Council.


3)    To monitor Council policies and strategies on an Annual basis



Money Laundering

Anti-Fraud and Corruption

Insurance and Risk Management

Emergency Planning

Business Continuity


4)    To monitor the corporate complaints process.


5)    To consider the Council’s arrangements for corporate governance and agreeing necessary actions to ensure compliance with best practice.


6)    To consider the Council’s compliance with its own and other published standards and controls.


7)    To monitor the Council processes in relation to


-       Freedom of Information

-       Member Enquires


8)           To monitor the Council’s Data Quality arrangements.


9)           To monitor the Council’s Member’s Training arrangements.




1)    To review the annual statement of accounts. Specifically, to consider whether appropriate accounting policies have been followed and whether there are concerns arising from the financial statements or from the audit that need to be brought to the attention of the Council.


2)    To review the Council’s Annual Governance Statement.


3)    To consider the External Auditor’s report to those charged with governance on issues arising from the audit of the accounts.


Scrutiny Activity


1) Responsible to scrutinise any matters as identified and agreed by the Policy, Resources and Economic Development Committee as set out in the Audit and Scrutiny Procedure rules.


2) To report to the Policy, Resources and Economic Development Committee or the appropriate committee on the progress of any matters that have been requested and to make relevant recommendations as required.


3) To establish working groups as appropriate(in line with agreed protocols) to undertake the scrutiny of any matters requested by the Policy, Resources and Economic Development Committee, including setting their terms of reference, the reporting arrangements, and to co-ordinate and review the work of the working groups.


4) Responsibility for the monitoring of Council service performance, including

Performance Indicators and, Formal Complaints, making reports if required to any committee, or subcommittee, any officer of the Local Authority, or any joint committee on which the Local Authority is represented, or any sub-committee of such a committee.


5) To review and/or scrutinise decisions made, or other action taken, in connection with the discharge of any functions of the Local Authority.


6) To deal with those issues raised through the ‘Councillor Call for Action’ scheme in line with agreed protocols and procedures.


7) To review and/or scrutinise decisions made, or other action taken, in connection with the discharge by the responsible authorities of their crime and disorder functions.


8) To make reports or recommendations to the Local Authority with respect to the discharge by the responsible authorities of their crime and disorder functions.



Contact information

Support officer: Zoe Borman.

Postal address:
Town Hall
Ingrave Road
CM15 8AY

Phone: 01277 312 736