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Finance & Resources Committee

This page lists the meetings for Finance & Resources Committee.

Information about Finance & Resources Committee

Oversight of all financial matters relating to the Budget and being the committee that proposes Budget Recommendations to full council for consideration at the appropriate meeting.


Oversee the implementation of policies and strategies set by the Full Council.

Develop, review and recommend policy to the Full Council.


Formulate the budget for the committee’s areas of responsibility for recommendation to the Full Council.


Monitor the use of financial and other resources in the delivery of services.

Monitor progress against delivery objectives and key performance indicators.

Agree to consultation responses to matters within the Committee’s remit unless reserved to the Full Council.


To appoint representatives to any outside bodies which fall within the remit of this committee.


Responsibility for all decision-making in respect of matters within the Committee’s remit unless restricted by other provisions contained within this constitution or by statute.


To determine fees and charges relevant to the committee.


Responsibility for Functions

1.    To formulate the budget proposals in accordance with the Budget and Policy Framework, including capital and revenue spending, and receive the Housing  Revenue Account Business Plan (including rent setting for Council homes), in accordance with the Council’s priorities and make recommendations to Council for approval.

2.    To formulate the Council’s Borrowing and Investment Strategy and make recommendations to Council for approval.

3.    To take decisions on spending within the annual budget to ensure delivery of the Council’s priorities.

4.    To approve the write off of any outstanding debt owed to the Council above the delegated limit of £5,000.

5.    To determine capital grant applications.

6.    To make recommendations on the allocation and use of resources to achieve the council’s priorities.

7.    To manage and monitor the Council approved budgets and allocation of resources.

8.    To consider any requests for sponsorship and use of the Council’s Coats of Arms and logos

9.    To receive reports from other committees for strategic investment, redevelopment and enhancement opportunities and consider these in line with existing budgets, with consideration for referral to full council as appropriate.

10.Operational facilities management (including maintenance) of the Town Hall and the Depot.

11.To manage any lands or property of the Council.

12.Property and asset management, including acquisitions and disposals not included in the approved Asset Management Plan.


Council Resource Management


To be responsible for the oversight, contractual arrangements and activities relating to:


1. Financial Services

2. Contracts, commissioning, procurement

3. Legal services

4. Health and safety at work (in so far as it relates to the Council as an employer)

5. Corporate communications and media protocols

6. Democratic services

7. Human Resources including the One Team Programme.

8. Information Communication Technology

9. Revenues and Benefits

10. Customer Services

11. Seven Arches Investment Limited Business Plan


Economic Development

1.    To lead, consider and propose matters concerning the promotion of economic development throughout the Borough and the interface with countrywide or regional economic development initiatives with the approved strategy.

2.    To promote and encourage enterprise and investment in the Borough in order to maintain and sustain the economic wellbeing and regeneration of the area.

3.    To develop climate where businesses and individuals can innovate, compet and contribute to the economic development and regeneration of the area; and excellence in local business.

4.    To encourage the growth of existing businesses in the borough and access to the skills and training necessary to support them.

5.    To develop and deliver a Borough wide initiative on apprenticeships.

6.    To consider and determine matters relating to the promotion, maintenance and enhancement of the vitality and viability of shopping centres within the Borough in line with agreed strategies.

7.    To consult with the Chamber of Commerce, Federation of Small Businesses, residents and other interested third parties.

8.    To maintain a special interest in promoting employment in the Borough.

9.    To promote and encourage tourism and heritage.

10.Parking (off street parking provision in Council owned/leased off-street parking places).


1.    To advise the Scrutiny, Performance and Standards Committee or the Audit, Governance and Appointments Committee as appropriate of any matters that require scrutiny in accordance with the Audit and Scrutiny Procedure Rules.

To receive requests and determine on matters that require scrutiny from any Committee in accordance with the Audit and Scrutiny Procedure Rules.