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Agenda and draft minutes

Venue: Council Chamber, Town Hall, Ingrave Road, Brentwood, Essex CM15 8AY

Contact: Claire Mayhew (01277 312741) 

No. Item

Live broadcast


Apologies for Absence


Apologies were received from Cllrs Dr Barrett, Mrs Gelderbloem, McLaren,  Parker, J Cloke, Mrs Tierney, Lewis and Jakobsson.


Declarations of Interest


No declarations of interest were made at this stage.


Mayors Announcements


The Mayor informed the Council:-


When I was first elected as Mayor of Brentwood, one of the events I was most excited about being part of was the Remembrance Day Parade.  The event was humbling and I was honoured to represent the Borough of Brentwood joined by the representatives from our local branch of the Royal British Legion, the military and the cadets and organisations.  Leading the parade of almost 600 people to the War Memorial and through the High Street was an occasion I will never forget and I was proud to be the Mayor of this great Town.  The service followed at St Thomas’ Church allowed us to remember and never forget those who have fought and selflessly and gave their lives to our country.  Thank you for the organisers and those who supported the event to make it the success it was. 


Thank you to all who attended my recent Charity Curry Night.  It was a great evening, and I am delighted that it raised £800 for my chosen charities.   With all your help and support I am pleased the events will to be able to raise awareness and funds to these well-deserved causes. 


We got into the festive spirit as I was joined on stage by the winners of the Mayors Christmas Card and Poem competition winners to turn on the Christmas lights at the Town Hall. It was an enjoyable afternoon of entertainment in a slightly different Lighting Up Brentwood event.  There are many festive events going on around the Borough so be sure to join in.  


I also hosted my Civic Carol Service at Brentwood Cathedral early this month which was such a great service surrounded by fellow Chain Gang Mayors and Chairman, family, friends, and Members.  It was so lovely to be joined by the impressive choir on the evening.  A great way to get into the festive spirit.   


I am pleased to confirm that the Civic Awards nominations for 2021 are open.  Please do consider nominating or spreading the word so those individuals or organisations can be rewarded for their great achievements in our Borough. 


As Mayor I have been delighted to be able to attend functions at Rochford Borough Council. As you are all aware we agreed that our Chief Executive Mr Stephenson would be the interim Joint Chief Executive with a view to bringing a further report to this Council this month.  This has not been possible, therefore I will ask the Leader of the Council to make a short statement on the process to date.  There will be no debate or questions on this matter it is purely to update you all tonight.  You will get your chance in the New Year.


As Mayor it's also been a really great experience to attend functions as well at Rochford District Council and as you're all aware we agreed that our Chief Executive Mr Stephenson will be the Interim Joint Chief Executive with a view to bringing a further report  ...  view the full minutes text for item 222.


Minutes of the previous meeting pdf icon PDF 507 KB


The Ordinary Council meeting held on 13th October 2021 were APPROVED as a true record.  The minutes contain a summary of the meeting, to view the full meeting please visit


Public Questions pdf icon PDF 188 KB


Three public questions have been submitted.


Ms Susan Kortlandt had submitted two questions.


1.     To the leader and to the leaders of the opposition parties - What is the total carbon footprint of Brentwood Council from all its current operations, including housing, offices and works?


Response from Cllr Hossack:


I think as a bit of a clue in your question, it's not an insignificant task to baseline the carbon footprint of all of our operations including 2500 houses,  multiple halls, Brentwood Centre, our depot, multiple fleets of vehicles and cars and those things are changing all the time.  You have rightly illustrated that is a very large task and as a Council, as an organisation, as an employer this is probably the largest task of any organisation in Brentwood.   This is the development of a strategy as a piece of work and our newly appointed Climate & Sustainability Officer is undertaking this baselining exercise will bring the information together on the carbon footprint and it will form part of the baseline that our performance will be measured against moving forward. 


Response from Cllr Aspinell:


I hope that whatever details we get back includes our council housing which is considerable.  I look forward to that report when it comes to us.


Response from Cllr Barrett:


To add to points made, I think in terms of the council, this is a big piece of work but there are several London boroughs and other councils in the East of England that already have done these equations and this summaries which would be able to work from.  There is a suitable it's a carbon workbook for local authorities that again we can work from and have these figures appear in turn at the same time.  There is also a wider piece of work, it's not necessarily just our emissions day-to-day but our capital carbon, how much carbon we put when we're building new things especially when at construction phase.  In construction, laying concrete is one of the most carbon intensive things you can do.  As a council that's building we have to think how we net off or produce alternatives to reduce those emissions as well as we develop.  I think that's very important in terms of the future planning as well. 


2.     I note that the Council is preparing an Environmental Strategy aimed at taking the “Council and the Borough” towards Zero Carbon 2040”. How will you ensure that progress is being made?


Will there be intermediate targets, scrutiny, and control measures? By when do you intend the Council’s own operations to be carbon neutral?


Response from Cllr Hossack:

A strategy has been created which will be published next year and will identify where we as an authority we want to be and by when.  The strategy will lead to clear targets and objectives identifying appropriate areas of work the council should concentrate on that will create the most reward in this sector.  In doing so, measures be put into place with the mechanism  ...  view the full minutes text for item 224.


Memorials or Petitions


Cllr Fulcher presented a petition to the Mayor. 


Cllr Fulcher added that the petition was from the Kimpton Avenue residents requesting for the reinstatement of the trees that once lined their avenue.


This petition will be presented to a future Environment, Enforcement and Housing Committee meeting for consideration. 


Committee Chairs Reports and Members Questions pdf icon PDF 109 KB

Appendices to follow.

Additional documents:


In accordance with the Council’s Constitution a brief written report by each committee Chair covering their area of responsibility was provided for Members’ information at each Ordinary Council meeting.


Cllr Mrs Davies, put a question to the Chair of Environment, Enforcement and Housing Committee.


Does the Chair agree it is unacceptable for very elderly vulnerable sheltered housing tenants to receive demands stating they are in rent arrears and also threatening their tenancies?  I have been contacted recently by an extremely distressed lady thinking she was under the threat of eviction - she'd stopped eating and sleeping and I was really concerned for her welfare.  I want to thank Mrs Abbott for her assistance which you quickly established.  Not only was the lady not in debt but in fact her account was in credit and it concerns me and I am sure it would concern the Chair and I would like to know, hopefully there are not too many cases of this kind. 


Cllr Pearson, Chair of Environment, Enforcement & Housing Committee responded:


These letters are actually automatically generated and I wouldn't like to see anybody upset or off their food and not something I want for anyone.  These are automatically generated and I will bring it up with Mrs Lilley to make sure that it doesn't happen again.


Cllr Kendall: First question to the Chair of Community & Health Committee.


In the past, Brentwood Centre has had a good reputation for providing help and support for residents dealing with mental health issues.  What assurances can the Chair give to members that SLM, the new management operators, are going to try and provide a similar service?


Cllr Poppy, Chair of Community & Health Committee responded:


That's not quite accurate really because the it wasn't the Brentwood Centre that was doing the mental health work there, it was it was Chat First who are now part of Active Essex and are funded by Active Essex so I would say SLM would like to help but I don't know if they can.  I will try and find out for you and come back to you.


Cllr Kendall: Second question to the Chair of Policy, Resources & Economic Development. 


In response to the Southend Local Plan and Southend's membership of ASELA , I understand that discussions have taken place between councils regarding Essex being split into two unitary authorities - one of which would be the councils under the ASELA umbrella.  Can the Chair give us an update on these discussions and clarify what impact if any a change to a unitary will have on our own housing numbers?


Cllr Hossack, Chair of Policy, Resources & Economic Development Committee responded:


I know nothing of such discussions about unitaries and the way he described.


Cllr Mynott: First question to the Chair of Community & Health Committee.


In relation to the Discover Winter programme, I note that the list of programmed events includes 2 Brentwood Theatre Community Cinema events at Brentwood Theatre.  I am fully in support of this but  ...  view the full minutes text for item 226.


Arrangements to Appoint external auditors from 2023/24 pdf icon PDF 225 KB

Report to follow.


This item was deferred. 


Notice of Motion pdf icon PDF 291 KB


Ten motions were originally received. However, Cllr Dr Barrett & Lewis have sent their apologies this evening.  Therefore Motions 1 & 9 have been deferred to a future Ordinary Council meeting.


Motion 2 – Received on 2nd November 2021 @ 14.31


Mover:  Cllr Fryd              Seconder: Cllr Naylor


This Council resolves to write to the Secretary of State for the Department of Levelling Up, Housing & Communities.


The existing pressures on our decaying drainage and sewerage systems in Brentwood are already critical and at times unsustainable, with regular breaches occurring across the Borough resulting in flooding to properties and roads. This has a huge impact upon affected residents.


National Government has demanded that we have to provide over 7,500 new homes despite Brentwood being 89% green belt. This necessarily forces us to build these new homes wherever possible in suburban areas. This will only increase still further the huge pressures upon the existing system resulting in more misery and costs for residents.


Water Companies must be pressurised by National Government now to upgrade our drainage and sewerage systems and bring them into the 21st Century.


A proper and detailed assessment is required to assess the impact of 7,500 new homes on our existing drainage and sewerage systems. If our existing systems cannot deal with 7,500 new homes, in the absence of a significant upgrade to those systems, the Secretary of State should urgently modify the new home requirement for Brentwood to reflect this.


Cllr Barrett declared an interest due to the nature of his employment and left the Chamber for the first two motions. 


Cllr Nolan declared an interest that he works for a company mentioned by Cllr Aspinell. 


Following a full discussion a recorded vote was taken in accordance with Local Authorities (Standing Orders) (England)(Amendment) Regulations 2014).


Members voted as follows:


FOR: Cllrs Aspinell, Sarah Cloke, Cuthbert, Davies, Fryd, Fulcher, Haigh, Kendall, Laplain, Mynott and Naylor (11)


AGAINST: Cllrs Barber, Bridge, Heard, Hirst, Hones, Hossack, Nolan, Pearson, Poppy,  Pound, Reed, Russell, Sanders, Tanner, Wagland, White and Wiles (17)




Cllr G Barrett – declared an interest and didn’t take part in the vote


The Motion was LOST


Motion 3 – Received on 2nd November 2021 @ 14.31


Mover:  Cllr Aspinell                            Seconder: Cllr Mrs Davies


This Council resolves to write to the Secretary of State for the Department of Levelling Up, Housing and Communities to request consideration of an immediate introduction of a planning requirement that prior to considering any planning application for five properties or more, there would first need to be a proper and detailed assessment of how the existing sewerage and drainage systems will be impacted and cope with further demands placed upon them.


If legitimate concerns cannot be met, the application should be refused.


Following a full discussion a recorded vote was taken in accordance with Local Authorities (Standing Orders) (England)(Amendment) Regulations 2014).


Members voted as follows:


FOR: Cllrs Aspinell, Sarah Cloke, Cuthbert, Davies, Fryd, Fulcher, Haigh, Heard, Kendall, Laplain,  ...  view the full minutes text for item 228.


Urgent Business

An item of business may only be considered where the Chair is of the opinion that, by reason of special circumstances, which shall be specified in the Minutes, the item should be considered as a matter of urgency.



There were no items of Urgent Business to discuss.


The meeting closed at 10.15pm.